Showcase Objectives & Purpose

The Department of Student Affairs in collaboration with the Department of Soft Skills (DSSC), Division of Community and International Networking (DCInternet), Department of Alumni Relation and Placements (DARP), Department of International Student Services (DISS), Faculties and the Centre of Extension Education (CEE) jointly organized this activity in line with the University’s efforts in expanding the expertise, services and resources offered by UTAR through the development of cooperative educational programmes with other institutions and professions, and international agencies. 

The purpose of this showcase is to emphasis the role of DSA in providing a one stop centre platform for students to enquire information related to academic exchange, internships in overseas universities, research projects, study tours and sponsorships

When is the coming showcase?

The showcase will normally be held on Week 2 or 3 of teaching week. Further information, please refer to mail master notice.

Upcoming Event

Outbound Study Tour & Student Exchange Programmes (STEPs) Showcase June 2023 - 5 July 2023 (KPR)
Outbound Study Tour & Student Exchange Programmes (STEPs) Digital Showcase Jan 2023 - 8 February 2023 (SL & KPR)

Past Event






Outbound Study Tour & Student Exchange Programmes (STEPs) SHOWCASE 1.0 - 1 November 2016