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A One Stop Centre for all student mobility programmes has been set up to provide UTAR students/ participants information and knowledge to customize their strengths through cultural learning and to enhance their life skills.  

Location of our One Stop Centre for Student Mobility Programme: 

 1. UTAR Sungai Long Campus: Department of Student Affairs (DSA-SL) KB 006, Ground Floor KB Block Sg Long Campus. 

Contact Staff:

1) Ms. Yong Chin Wen - Tel: 03-90860288 (Ext: 818) Email:
2) Ms.Wong Jian Fen - Tel : 03-90860288 (Ext: 818) Email: 

 2. UTAR Kampar Campus: Department of Student Affairs (DSA-Kpr) C113, Student Pavilion 1 Kampar Campus 

Contact Staff:

1) Mr. Khor Chien Yen - Tel : 05-4688888 (Ext 2280) Email:
Ms. Chai Lai San - Tel: 05-4688888 (Ext:2280) Email:
3) Mr. Ou Lik Ee -Tel : 05-4688888 (Ext 2280) Email: 
4) Mr. Phoon Sau Wai - Tel : 05-4688888 (Ext 2280) Email: 

DSA Role

DSA Staff role will be to provide the information on the study tours/ student exchange to UTAR students who are interested to participate. 

Faculties/ Institutes/ Centres Role Faculties/ Institutes/ Centres are to submit all approved study tours/ student exchange publicity material upon approval via email to 

All academic staff concerned are to brief the DSA staff on newly approved programmes.