About Us

What is One Stop Centre for Student Mobility Programme?
It is where one can come by to enquire about Study Tours and Student Exchange Programmes specially organised for students.

How does this Centre work?
This centre works with a variety of UTAR departments to bring you the information you need on Study Tours and Student Exchange Programmes. 

Where is this Centre located?
This Outbound Student Programme One Stop Centre is located in the Department of Student Affairs, both at UTAR Sg. Long and Kampar campuses.

Why do we have this Centre?
This Centre is set up for the convenience of the students who would like to have more information and also to broaden their horizon.

Who can participate in this programme?
Our officers are available to help with your queries on study tours and student exchange programmes. It provides opportunities for students to expand their cultural learning experience overseas and also to enhance their communications and language skills. Student have gone to universities in Australia, Taiwan, Korea, Japan as well as China!

Functions of the One Stop Centre:

1. To provide information on wide range of excursions and cultural activities.
2. To explain the information on a variety of sponsorships available in the Universities.
3. To ensure on-going coordination across faculties/institutes/centres/divisions/departments as well as campuses through active coordination networks.

Benefits of participating in a Study Tour or Student Exchange

1. Expand your network
2. Enhance your communication, language, and other skills
3. Broaden your horizon and be more open-minded
4. Boost your confidence
5. Expand your cultural learning experience

    One Stop Centre Contact Us
Kampar Campus 
i) Mr. Khor Chien Yen, khorcy@utar.edu.my 05-468 8888 (2280) 
ii) Ms. Chai Lai San, chails@utar.edu.my
iii) Mr. Ou Lik Ee, oule@utar.edu.my

Sungai Long Campus
i) Cik. Nurul Izwazi Binti Mohd Nor, izwazi@utar.edu.my
ii) Mr. Chow Keng Fatt, chowkf@utar.edu.my
iii) Ms. Wong Jian Fen, wongjf@utar.edu.my
iv) Puan Intan Azfar Binti Kamaruzaman, azfar@utar.edu.my