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A short term study programme offered to UTAR students to pursue academic exchange or training/ internship in local/partner institution and to gain a global learning experience.


UTAR allows you to study a short-term study programme from one trimester or up to one academic year of undergraduate or postgraduate courses in Malaysia.
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If you are looking for outbound sponsorship, feel free to contact us.

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Student Exchange Programmes/ Research/ Internship

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Study Tour 

Study Tour Trips organised by 
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Outbound Study Tour & Student Exchange Showcase (STEPS)

Are you by any chance thinking of travelling abroad together with your friends and at the same time gain some learning experience which comes with a partial sponsorship? We have come up with this STEPS showcase just for you

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Travel insurance 


All UTAR Students participating in overseas student mobility activities including semester exchange, faculty-led study tours, short-term overseas partner programmes, overseas internships and overseas placements must be covered by an adequate level of insurance for the entire duration of their time overseas. 

This is the responsibility of the student. The list of the travel insurance information can be accessed here: Download PDF